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Finishing Fairies
Finishing Fairies
Finishing Fairies
Finishing Fairies
Finishing Fairies

New Author? Confused about social media and where to begin? Need a field guide or manual?

After crash landing into self publishing with nothing but the clothes she had on, author AK Taylor fought for survival with trying to market her books on a small budget. After two years of trial and error, reworking, refining, and reaching out, she has created the first survival guide for book marketing compiled of great tools and resources that can be used by any author during the rough times.

Comparing the book marketing wilderness with the real wilderness is how Taylor viewed the publishing world around her. Growing up in the woods and learning survival skills has given her this unique viewpoint for a different kind of world. When she started her search for information, a book marketing survival guide didn’t exist—until now.

A Summer Trip to the Klondike Can be Deadly...

Randi and her friend go to the Mineral Creek mining claim in the Klondike to visit her father during the mining season. Sabotage, theft, and a death threat turn wilderness summer fun and normal mining operations into a fight for survival…

Randi Braveheart and her friend go to the Mineral Creek mining claim for summer vacation and to visit her father, Will, during the second half of the six month mining season. The time of happy reunions, summer fun, and gold mining come to a close after a night of sabotage, the theft of the first half of the season’s haul, and a death threat.

Will the motley crew of miners and teens survive until the end of the season?

Lovers of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys mysteries will enjoy this new series with a gutsy, tomboy heroine from the bayous of Lousiana!

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