Guest Post: 5 Top Reasons That Aspire You to Write a Book by Alla Gilbert

December 30, 2013

I would like to welcome Alla Gilbert to the backwoods! She is going to share some thoughts about what aspires people to write. For me it was reason #5 as a teen and others could be extra added bonuses someday. Any of these sound familiar? Enjoy!


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Several individuals aspire to write books using their own creativity, ideas, and thoughts. Generally, avid readers are aspiring authors. However, getting started with writing a volume can be quite difficult for many individuals. There are so many things out there that can distract you from putting down your thoughts and ideas onto paper. Here are some reasons that may help inspire you to start with writing that book, with your creativity and spirit.

1.      Dream of fame: Even though finding immediate success and overnight fame never happens, writing a large number of books and working hard on publishing and promoting, can at least make you a local celebrity in a short span of time. Share your experiences with as many people and media professionals as possible. You can accomplish this by using web and internet forums, by giving interviews for the local press, and by replying to your fans’ questions. Be associated with groups of people who are interested in writing and try to motivate them with your experiences. All this will make you feel good and inspire you to keep writing in order to boost your professional profile.

2.      Visit new places or events and meet new people:  Follow opportunities to visit popular book events, experience new places, and meet new people. No doubt, writing your book will give you several opportunities to visit new events and travel to various countries. Traveling to new places and events can introduce you to new people that you never considered interacting with. They can be prominent members of the publishing world or locals from under developed regions, or even highly talented professionals and scientists. A visit to popular global book event such as American Library Association Midwinter 2014 can expose you to people from the publishing industry and inspire the budding author in you to write a book..

3.      Make your family and friends proud: Some readers harbor the aim of making family and friends feel proud of them due to their achievements. Writing a book is definitely an admirable and wonderful achievement that make authors, as well as their acquaintances feel proud of them. Noticing your written books being displayed in popular libraries, book shows such as ALA midwinter 2014, in reputed bookstores, and in various other places will definitely make you feel motivated and proud of yourself. Be proud of yourself but never give up doing hard work and sincerity due to excessive pride. Aim higher to accomplish bigger writing goals.

4.      Become an expert in your field: If you are interested in writing a non-fiction volume, find out whether you can blend it nicely with your profession and career path. This will help you intensify research in your core field and gain greater knowledge of various facts about your subject. You can then develop a unique and high quality book that, eventually, be in demand in the market for its peculiar content. You may even find your book being displayed in one of the popular global book fairs for book promotion at the international level. This will give you recognition in your career field and among your peer group, and may even provide opportunities for speaking engagements around the world.

5.      Expand your creative horizons: Creativity is a critical aspect that influences book writing. Responsibilities and normal day-to-day activities consume too much of our time and we tend to lose creativity within us as we grow up.  However, by writing a book, you will find a golden opportunity to reclaim your creativity which you may have been ignoring due to your busy day-to-day life. The use of creativity in writing a book, publishing, and promoting it will enable you to expand your horizons within your industry and in the publishing world.

So write a book and step out into the publishing industry to promote your thoughts and ideas worldwide.

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