Easter 2012

April 9, 2012

This Easter weekend was a nice break away from the writing desk. I was able to spend a lot of time outdoors doing outdoor activities with family. It was pretty cool to leave the Five Lands, Hawote, ancient Egypt, and social media behind a little while to recharge. Hubby took Friday off so we could plow the garden to get ready to plant and to prep  for the weekend.

First off we had a get together in the suburbs with my mother’s family on Sat. On the way there we get a call to bring two liter drinks–at the last minute. One of the drinks is almost impossible to find: caffeine free diet Coke. The only place to find it is in the grocery store, but unfortunately there is no grocery store between where we got the call and our destination. We try a couple of the convenience stores on the way there and they don’t have it. So we end up going to the grocery store once we reach the suburbs. *sigh* I wished someone would have told us sooner since we went grocery shopping just a couple days earlier.

Once we get to the reunion we enjoy a nice outside lunch and watching my little cousins do the Easter Egg Hunt. It seemed like just yesterday that I was doing that with my cousins, but we’re all grown now. We go for walks and the like. My aunt’s house is just far enough away from town where you can go for walks and people have horses.

We return home and get to have some fun with my in-laws. After we get  home my uncle-in-law calls us and wants to shoot skeet aka clay pigeons. We are voted to bring the stuff up. So, once we get home we unload the car and load up the UTV with the skeet thrower, shot guns, and boxes of shells and go to the field  in the back. Everyone enjoys this and gets to shoot at least once. We all have a blast (no pun intended :P). We only stop because we run out of ammo. It’s usually over if we run out of ammo or run out of targets–either one. We get back and sit out on the front porch and chat till after dark.

On Sun. we take the day to rest and plant the garden.

It’s now Monday and writing this blog post, so I’m back to the writing desk 😉

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