Certified Chocoholic

April 16, 2012

If you were to ask any of my family and friends if I was a chocoholic, they would say, “Yes, without a doubt.”

I love chocolate. Any shade (except white since it’s not really chocolate anyway), amount (the more the better), any % of cacao, etc, etc. I want it, I love it, and can’t have enough of it. At the dessert table at a family reunion or at a social gathering if there is ZERO chocolate then there is no good dessert. Banana pudding, peanut putter pie, and a couple other will do, but there must be something chocolate to accompany it–or else. After the gathering I must ask my husband to stop at the store since I am going through chocolate DTs.

What can I say? I have a chocolate addition. Come to find out, I am actually addicted to something that is actually GOOD for you! How cool is that! I don’t have to go to a class to help me quit chocolate or have to wear a patch to help with the cacao withdrawals.

I have coined the phrase “There is no such thing as too much chocolate”. Everyone in my family except my mother-in-law disagrees with that statement. I can actually nauseate my husband and father-in-law when I have a super-chocolaty dessert. He has a chocolate limit and says something is “too chocolaty”.

Seriously? There is no such thing! Well…more for me.

I have been this choco-addict since childhood. At Ryan’s Steakhouse–when we went, but that was once in a blue moon–had a DIY dessert bar. I created my own dessert called the Chocolate Slam. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, oreo pieces, and hot fudge. MMmm!

Just this weekend when I went on a trip we went to Dairy Queen and got their Ultimate Fudge waffle bowl sundae. I always get the bowl dipped. Hot fudge, chocolate fudge pieces, brownie pieces. It was good, but how could it be better? Chocolate ice cream and the waffle be chocolate as well.

The perfect dessert

Of all chocolate, dark is my favorite. The darker the better. Milk chocolate falls second. White, well…it’s not really chocolate, but it is good mixed with milk or dark chocolate. By itself it’s just sugar and leaves me unsatisfied. White chocolate Reeses is about the only white chocolate thing I’ll eat being just white chocolate.

Well signing off. Chocolate in the house isrunning low, so we need to go to the grocery store ASAP!

AK Taylor

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