The Weirdest Jeopardy! Episode Ever

May 21, 2012
Kelly Miyahara is on Jeopardy's clue crew. Beh...

Kelly Miyahara is on Jeopardy’s clue crew. Behind her is the elaborate set on which Jeopardy is filming their tournament of champions as well as some celebrity jeopardy segments. Filming is all week here at CES Las Vegas for March TV schedules. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past Thursday night I was hanging out with my grandmother-in-law (hubby’s grandmother) after a long hard day of writing, editing, and laundry. We were trying to find something good on the boob-tube and there just wasn’t too much on. I decided to turn it on the Game Show Network (GSN) to catch Deal or No Deal. After that Jeopardy came on.

I have enjoyed this game show ever since I was a kid along with Wheel of Fortune. Now this show had a couple clues that were just downright strange and funny. Even on the same Jeopardy! board.

Saw a Friend

The first clue came under the category “Page Turners”. A fellow indie author that I happened to know from social media and from the IBC appeared  in the clue. It went like this:

Ann Charles sets a creepy  novel in this morbid-sounding South Dakota city

None of the three contestants got it, but I knew the answer: Deadwood.

I clapped my hands together and said, “I know her! OMG! How weird is that!” I had to tweet this on Twitter. I found out from a couple other people that they found out after her brother sent her a screenshot which she posted on Facebook. Just look up Ann Charles on Facebook and she has the clue as her profile pic (at the time of this writing). It was basically like a friend/coworker had a clue about them on Jeopardy and I found out about it. For Ann it was surreal until she saw proof for herself!

Here is a link to the Jeopardy Archives for Season 28 (2012) and look for May 17, 2012.

I Think Every Indie Author Knew This Question

On the same board under the category “Off the Presses” had a clue that went something like this:

This large online bookseller says that ebooks outsold both paperbacks and hardbacks


Publishers, indie authors, and everyone in the publishing industry’s blogs are going ablaze with the numbers about this but then there are still people who want a paperback book. Even though the ebooks are outselling them, we can’t short-change our customers (readers). It doesn’t make good business sense. If you can’t afford to use the prime service  of some of the cutting edge self publishers, then you can always turn to CreateSpace. It has DIY software for paperbacks and great customer support. If you have cover art for your ebook you should be able to use it for your paperback too! Since it is POD you don’t have to have a stockpile.

So you can see how this was a strange show for me and several other indie authors. It seemed like our line of work made its way into pop culture!

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  • Ann Charles says:

    It was such a surreal moment. I hope I run into the writer who put the Jeopardy question through someday so I can thank him or her. Thanks for sharing this!

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