2012: The Weirdest Year Ever

February 4, 2013

2012 Heat Wave

2012 has been the weirdest year in so many ways–definitely climate wise. Not just in the southeastern US, but everywhere.

As far as I can remember 2012 is the only year I can recall that had basically no winter. There were enough cold days I could count on one hand–but there were no killing frosts or any days below freezing.

Spring sprung early as early as the end of January or the beginning of February.

Everything seemed out of whack even in nature. Wild turkeys had their breeding season early before turkey season. Flowers bloomed and faded early before the honeybees could gather the super-clear and wonderful spring honey. People had to plant early or waited so that the surprise cold snap didn’t kill their crops (that really sucks when that happens!). Fruit trees producing fruit very early in the year. The list goes on.

I mentioned in other posts it was the buggiest year I can remember. If you live in the US Deep South and notice the bugs, that’s bad. I normally don’t notice them or care.

Then the record-breaking hot weather arrived. 2011 was another sweltering, dry year too–it was miserable, but it didn’t break records like this year. The thermometer with an outside sensor read 114°F–that’s not common for around here. Factor in the high humidity. Ugh!

Have you ever picked a ripe tomato off the bush and it’s hot to the touch like you left it in the car, but it’s only outside? True story and I’ll never forget it. It was so hot I couldn’t hold on to it and I had to turn the tail of my shirt up to make a pocket to tote them in. They were so hot I couldn’t hold them in my hand for long.

With earlier seasons we were left guessing when winter was coming. We were/are anticipating on it being bad. So far, we have seen a lot of ice and snow elsewhere and in the mountains but in middle and south part of GA, FL, etc we have just had a fair share of cold days and rain.

2013 has begun with its own bit of weirdness with it being 70 one day and 20 the next.

We have to wait and see what else happens!

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