Guest Post: Ways to Increase Social Engagement with Your Customers

April 15, 2013
Customers are Ignoring You

Customers are Ignoring You (Photo credit: ronploof)

Today I would like to welcome back Diana Maria to the backwoods! Today she will be sharing with us the importance and ways of increasing social media engagement. These ideas are important for authors in today’s publishing world. Our customers are our readers and they want to interact with us–their entertainment.


Establishing a customer engagement tactic is a venture in the long term vigor of your website. Engaged clients give more referrals, remain steadfast for longer period of time and even they come forward to provide quality feed back. customer engagement consists of all the techniques you apply to craft and preserve an interactive interactive relationship with the guests to your website,An effectual customer engagement stratagem entails a holistic approach to customer satisfaction. The customer has to be given some reason for browsing beyond the first page of your website.

There are 6 ways to increase social engagement with your customers. Just go through the ideas and try to implement them accordingly.

1. Rewarding the most contributors – A great way to create social engagement is to reward the most contributing person in your website. If you find a particular person sharing or liking your contents, then let others know about his contribution to your website by giving him a shout – out across other social media channels. This strategy can be very effective as others may get tempted to get the same exposure. Just sit and see your followers becoming brand evangelists, taking your words to an even bigger audience

2. Create a good impression – Craft an eye-catching website with good quality content. Customer engagement strategy comprises of stimulating your customers in a range of ways. A well-designed website will hold your customers visually. Use images and bright colors that add force to it and at the same time boost the written information on your website. Avoid over-stimulating guests to your website with too many animations.

3. Make searching easy– People are lazy now a days. They do not want to spend more then few minutes in searching for contents or sharing things. So, make use of social media plugins on your website. This will help in sharing the content in a single click. This is very necessary as compete level is high on internet. The more eyeballs gets glued to your website is better.

4 . Offer multiple ways for interaction – Provide ways through which your customer can interact easily with your website. Let your customers rate your content or show whether they got any important information on the page. Give a feedback form and push the customers to tell you ways that you may perk up their customer experience. Create a blog and customer forums so that customers can remark on your content, service and product without parting your site.

5. Starts a contest – Everyone wants to try his luck and get a good prize. Take this wish or attitude of the people in establishing social engagement with your customers. Create a buzz more than the contest. The gift can be anything like trip to some place or a discount. Make use of some innovative ideas and start a contest. Automatically your customers will be glued to your website. Try to make out what your customer would like and what will make them share or tweet your page to their followers.

6. Take help of pictures and videos – Picture and videos allures us most than regular text links or contents. And it is a common saying that picture are worth a thousand words. But, there has to be some relevant story behind it, something that will speak about business and that engages. Try to be personable to create a feeling among your customers that think about their interests and want to be apart of that too.

Take these ideas and go grab the eyeballs of your customers

About The Author: Diana is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Hydroxycut

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