Guest Post: What You Should Do to Get Visitors to Stay on Your Blog Longer

May 6, 2013

I would like to welcome Diana Maria to the backwoods once again. She will be sharing some tips on how to get people to stay on your blog longer.  Anyone can benefit from these tips if you have a blog!


Getting People to Stay on Your Blog longer

People look at your blog and don’t stick to it for long, is it the problem you are dealing with? Well in that case, there are many ways which can help you to reinforce the reader’s interest in your blog. Here are a few tips which might induce some glue to your writing which in turn would result in abundant appreciation from the spectators. The amendments suggested below focus on making your writing concrete.

Hit on legibility

The quality of written language that makes it easy to read and understand is what I mean by legibility. Everyone wants it easy, no one likes a jumbled up, confusing or difficult language to deal with while looking for some help in your article or blog. The readers would love to go through the entire work if they find is simple and smooth. Another aspect is that the content in your blog should be the prime focus in your design, although you may have awesome content – people may not be actually reading it.

Pictures speak more than words

Putting up pictures as per the demand of your article is a great idea that would definitely attract readers. According to a survey- when people are reading with pictures referring to the content, they find it more interesting and pleasurable. It also becomes easier for them to connect with and imagine something that you are trying to explain via words. Use photographs and picture in your post, indispensably for really long posts. You can apply the trick of separating paragraphs using pictures – it helps in adding a lot of personality to your post.

Experiment with your writing

It all comes down to great content, but how you write that content matters. If your content is written like your tenth grade science text book, then good luck with site engagement. However, if you do have a knack of writing interactive, funny and insightful posts on the same topic which a visitor can find elsewhere. Then my friend, you have found the blogging nirvana. You do not need to be worried about people staying on your site or your bounce rate, because they will automatically be tempted to stick around your blog longer. So have a unique and a great style of writing and you will find that people are automatically stayed on your blog longer.

Display related posts

No doubt your post was awesome, but now what are your readers hypothesized to do. Missing suggestion at the end of the post may lead to a decrease in the number of people reading your articles. Be wise and hence always include related posts at the end of your article. It is also the best way to show your readers the most you have to offer and this will satisfy their human urge for more.

Do not lose the flow

If you lose flow in your article, there is no way the reader is going to continue without jerks and doubts either. Finish your research first, organize your data next and then sit to finally write it down. This will impart richness and a smooth flow to your writing. Do not forget if the reader does not lose the anxiety of what next, that is if you succeed in maintaining the connection in your writing, the person will be compelled to finish reading and then breathe. Writing silk is therefore called the direct way to reader’s heart.


Interlinking means linking within the site. It helps to increase backlinks and also it is useful for user to go the particular page through this link. Generally including one link (or) interlink per 150 words is just fine, but do not make your blog too crowded. Do not forget this mantra that for ‘search engine optimization as well as for user engagement, interlinking is crucial’. The reader would definitely spend some extra time looking at the add on by this technique.

Create the best headline you can

You can go fancy, catchy and emotional while selecting the headline, but make sure that you are specifically mentioning the subject that the reader is going to discover inside. A headline should never be too long; it should be wide enough to be covered in just a glance. Remember it’s the net for a prey to fall in it, which implies the necessity of making your point in fewer words. In case your headlines are not good enough to attract the eyeballs of a reader then there is a slim chance your visitors will make an attempt to read your blog?

About The Author  Diana is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes on HR Comp

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