Guest Post: Follow the Do and Don’ts Before Publishing the Guest Posts

June 24, 2013

I would like to welcome Nyssa Sherri to the backwoods! She will be sharing some insight about the dos and don’ts about guest blogging. Enjoy!

Do's and Don'ts

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Of late, the idea of guest blogging is simply gaining loads of popularity among the list of internet marketers. It helps the bloggers and webmasters in getting avenues for link building activities. Considering the number of benefits it has for search engine optimization, guest blogging has become a popular and robust kind of tool to attract links and eventually traffic to your site or blog. At the same time, guest posts could be interesting and cool ways to share content and new ideas across a wider amount of people having same kind of interest. Guest blogging is often used as a tool to get a link share and obtain business interest and traffic from a wider place. But when it comes to trying this option, you are supposed to know and follow some do and don’ts’, which are as follows. Let’s check them out:

The Do’s

Do follow all the guidelines properly

The guest posts are often carried out at bigger blogs or sites, which is known for its authority in your chosen niche area. Hence they often post stringent rules and regulations about producing content. You need to follow their set guidelines especially about producing quality content. These sites or blogs give you clear cut specifications that you need to follow to embark with quality content. So make sure you check them all and follow these so that your guest post is not rejected by these people.

Do mind your language

In order to maintain the authenticity of the site, the posts you produce for the guest post should have a good language in it. Generally the article you produce for the blog should adhere to set standards of these places where you submit the post. Language plays an important role in it; you are not supposed to commit blunders like copying the content from other sources, article with grammatical errors and mistakes to be avoided, etc. Make sure you carry out a good research so that you produce good quality article.

Do respect the value of time

The people at the bigger blogs or sites which you have chosen are very much busy. Hence the editors at such places simply do not have much time to read long stories. Keep in mind that you express your ideas very much precisely and that too in fewer words. Since the career or the degrees simply do not just fascinate the editor or his team.

The don’ts

Don’t bother the editor

Once you have submitted the article

If you see your post being rejected by the editor, make sure you do not turn judgmental to this person and start pestering him or her. Ask the editor to the things that went wrong within the article so that you could take care of these things in your future initiative. You shouldn’t be taking the criticism negatively rather accept it to improve in your content creation efforts.

Don’t play with the deadlines

Once you get the option of submitting your article in the guest blog section of any site or blog, the next thing you get is the deadline to complete the article. They give you sufficient time to complete the article; however, if you start playing with the deadline by ignoring the same, you could be closing your opportunity. This can bring you in bad books and you may not get another chance.

Final word

These dos and don’ts are important when it comes to guest posts. So make sure you adhere to these and end up making your post a successful venture.

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