Guest Post: What Type of Publisher Best Suits You and Your Book?

July 1, 2013

I would like to welcome Jasmine Roy to the backwoods! Today she will be sharing some thoughts with us about choosing a publisher on the traditional side of the publishing world. If you are interested in traditional publishing now or in the future this could be the post for you! Enjoy!

Choose a Publisher

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Are you done with writing new book and looking out for the best suitable publisher to get your book published in the best possible way? Then, you need to be aware of the things the publishers seek for and have knowledge of how each kind of publishing house is different from the rest. Apart from this, you even need to know how and why to contact all kinds of publishers such as small and independent publishers, large publishers and mid-sized publishers. Due to this you not only will be able to contact each kind of publisher in a proper manner but also you will be able to know which kind of publishing house suits you and your book the best. You need to choose one among the following three kinds of publishing houses depending on which best suits for publishing and promoting your book.

Publishers from Large Publishing Houses

In order to approach large and reputed publishers you require assistance of a literary agent. These agents work as gatekeepers to the crucial elements of publishing house such as acquisition editors, who are employees of the publishing house with duty to review various book proposals and buy various new book publishing projects. These acquisition editors working at large publishing houses generally do not tend to accept book proposals and even query letters that do not come to them through agent.

Moreover, such book publishers are impartial while working and do right justice to their work. Several American book publishers, Canadian book publishers and many others are counted among them. They produce a large number of books every year. If you opt for these publishers then you will be one among the thousands of authors whose books are published every year. If case you are first time author, then you will be like little fish in a huge pond.

Small and Mid-size Dependent publishers

The small as well as mid-size dependent publishers are usually owned by capable organization, reputed university or even mid-sized publisher however they are not independent. They are known to be completely dependent on some company or agency out there.

At times, you can find imprints of bigger publishing houses among the names of the mid-size publishers. Even mid-size publishers accepts submission from the agents however, some acquisition editors of small and mid-size publishing houses are an exception to this. You can acquire more personal publishing experience while working with them and you can have better chance of getting recognized by publishing your book with them.

Independent Publishers

This kind of publishers is also recognized as small publishing houses that are independently owned. They are neither dependent not associated with any large organization. You need no agent to approach the independent publishers and can directly approach them. You can get to know regarding their submission guidelines on their official site over the web. They make use of various exclusive online tools and software and offer you an explicit online book publishing. You can get the best personal publishing experience while working with the independent publisher. They publish less number of books every year and spend more time and efforts on their client authors. If you have great platform or good record of your prior published books and your proposed book is really good then you can receive excellent recognition and can stand out from the rest.

With knowledge of all these kinds of publishers, you can opt for any one of them depending on your needs and priorities.

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