Guest Post: 6 Great Benefits of Promoting Your Books in Popular Book Shows by Alla Gilbert

September 4, 2013

I would like to welcome Alla Gilbert to the backwoods! She will be sharing some thoughts about how to promote your book at popular book shows and the benefits. This is a traditional marketing technique that all authors can do an reap the benefits.



Are you looking for an effective platform to promote your written book in the market? Various popular international book fairs can be regarded as ideal platforms to promote and market your book. Marketing is a crucial technique that should be used by every author, who aspires to get recognized for his work and earn royalties with his writings. Initially, you might wonder where to begin with marketing your book. The international book exhibitions tend to be right platforms for any author, who intends to sell his books, earn international recognition and enhance his contacts in the publishing world. Such global exhibitions are known for providing the authors with plenty of benefits for displaying their written books in the exhibitions. Some of the benefits that authors can derive by participating in global exhibitions for promoting their books are mentioned below.

  1. Get great exposure to your book: Various prominent elements of the publishing industry make a point to pay visit to the global book exhibitions. Your book can grab the attention of the renowned professionals such as book publishers, editors, book agents and others from the publishing world. Such professionals are always in search of new books and new ideas. They can access your book if you opt to display your book in one of the international book exhibitions. Moreover, thousands of common individuals tend to visit the global book fairs out of curiosity to know about the new books and their concepts. Thus, your written book can get great exposure and instant recognition by showcasing it in book fair.
  2. Good media coverage: If you participate in a popular book fair to promote your developed book then you can get lots of benefits from media professionals. This is so, because important media elements like news reporters, editors and others make their level best efforts to attain such book exhibitions in order to gather information about new books and their authors. You can view name and image of your book on the front page of newspapers and magazines by displaying your books in the popular exhibitions. The global book shows can be regarded as best platforms to attract the attention of the right media folks to promote your book to reach a large number of people, throughout the world.
  3. Meet your prospects and reputed publishers face to face: Nothing can beat a face to face meeting. While promoting your written book in the book shows, you can meet renowned book publishers face to face. Such a meeting can help you clear many views and can even prove advantageous for your future book publishing projects. Apart from this, the potential book buyers will attempt to stop at your bookstall in the book fair and you can effectively engage them in conversation, make clear to them the concept of your book, how can the book be useful to them and how to purchase it. Thus, the book promotion in the global book exhibitions can greatly help you to increase your book sales to a great extent.
  4. Spy on the existing competition: If you are opting to promote your book in international book exhibitions like BookExpo America, Frankfurt book fair and others then you can even get to know about the prevailing competition in your niche market. You can learn about your competitor authors and their latest books on the display in the exhibitions. A good observer can even learn some effective tricks by viewing the work of the competitors and the prevailing competition that reflects in the book shows.
  5. Reach the book buyers in a cost-effective way: The book promotion in the global book fairs can be considered as a cost-effective way to reach your potential book buyers and crucial elements of the publishing industry. Readers from various nations make a point to visit the international book exhibitions like BookExpo America and they can access your book if you attempt to promote it in such popular exhibitions. You need not invest extra time and money to reach with your work to the international audience. Also, the renowned professionals from the publishing world pay visit to various global book shows to get their hands on new books and their concepts. Promoting your book in international book fair can prove beneficial to reach lots of audience as well as publishing professionals by investing less possible efforts and money.
  6. Market Research: Both budding as well as experienced authors are constantly involved to find book agents, editors, book publishers and book publishing companies that best suit their genre of book. Several literary agents, publishers, publishing organizations and editors that have expertise in dealing with their genre of book are present at such global book exhibitions. An author can find and approach the essential professionals that suit his genre of the book the best in order to work with them for his future projects. Thus, promoting your book in international book fair proves to be highly beneficial.

These are the great benefits that the authors can derive by participating in the global book shows for promoting their written book. Thus, there exist several benefits of promoting your book on the well-known platforms like popular global book fairs.

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