Guest Post: How Interaction with Readers Help Authors to Have Better Book Sales by Charles Rodrigues

September 16, 2013

I would like to welcome Charles Rodrigues to the backwoods! He is here today going to share some interesting information about how interaction with readers can help improve you sales. Interaction with readers shouldn’t be all about book sales, mind you, but developing relationships is all about the way the publishing world works nowadays. Enjoy!


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Have you written a new book and looking forward for its exclusive sales? An effective interaction with your readers will prove useful to enhance your book sales not only in local market but also at an international level. If you study book promotion tricks that are practiced in the publishing industry, you will find that most of the bestselling authors tend to interact with their fans in an admirable manner, for various different reasons. They make efforts to know what readers are expecting from their future books. Thus, by knowing the interests of their readers, authors try to succeed in creating loyal readership that proves to be the real key to maintain a long-term success in the publishing industry.

New phenomenon of online network

Authors that are well connected to their readers and literary agents work persistently to develop great work, which will continue to delight their readers. Many of them prefer to directly communicate with their fans. This helps them to fulfill their readers’ expectations through their upcoming books. A new phenomenon that one can witness within the publishing world is the introduction of online network of authors, literary agents, publishers and book publishing companies that lets the authors know the upcoming international book events and expectations of the readers through literary agents and publishers. Such online network even encourages the budding authors to create a book and self publish it.

Benefits of modern technology

Effective modern communication technology like internet provides several interactive platforms for various crucial elements of publishing world. You can observe several campaigns, where books are introduced to a wide range of audience, high school and college students, and war veterans. A perfect example of such promotion is the successful launch of Harry Potter series.

The unique content and storyline of some books particularly those with high quality of adventure tend to attract greater number of readers to the website and create huge coverage. Websites of international authors are viewed as storefronts, whose main purpose is to sell the books.

Several book readers and international audiences keep setting new demands and expect more happening books from the authors. The younger generation is highly feasible with usage of computers and other modern technological gadgets to find books and discover interactive websites of authors to communicate with them. Readers use message boards and take initiative to write testimonials and reviews after reading books of their favorite authors. Authors can take right benefit of this for enhancing popularity of their book and increase the sales of their new books.

Authors of historical epics find interacting with their fans more beneficial. They can interact with their readers on the websites, internet chats and in popular book events. The readers can grab the golden opportunity to have an incredible face to face interaction with their favorite author at popular book fairs. From such effective interaction authors can know their readers’ point of view and, at times, can even get some crucial information on some historical event with good proof.

Get blessed by admiration

Apart from readers’ expectations, the authors even get good compliments for their books that readers enjoyed and found useful. It is great for any author to personally hear from a reader, who enjoyed reading his book. Book fans can suggest new ideas that they wish to read in the upcoming books of their favorite authors. Authors can derive benefits from suggested ideas by using them to write their future books. By writing books as per choice of their fans, authors can enhance the popularity of their book creations and experience tremendous increase in their book sales.

It is essential for international authors to be aware of the new dynamics within the publishing industry as this will help them to connect with their fans and readers in a better way. Although completing with writing a book is a thrilling feeling, selling the same book to a publisher is a wonderful feeling however having that book accepted and appreciated by the public is an ultimate feeling of achievement.

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