Guest Post: How Music Can Help with Writer’s Block by Diana Maria

October 14, 2013

I would like to welcome back Diana Maria back to the backwoods! She will share some thoughts about how music can help with writer’s block at the scientific and physiological levels. Enjoy!

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Music has a unique power for the writer’s mind. The reason is that music consists of several powerful strings of sound, which provides the writer a stimulant for his or her imagination. Actually, the sound strings of music will enter in the ear and convert it into the electrical energy from the sound energy. The new formed electrical energy will stimulate the brain impulse and makes the writer more active in his or her imaginative power and writing skills.

Even, you will see that music itself strengthen the writer’s creativity and skill. It is very much effective for the writer is that if he or she listen music during his or her writing time. It is observed that background music will give the writer more imaginative and constructive as well. Nevertheless, one thing you have to keep in your mind that the loudness of the music should not be higher. Otherwise, it will jeopardize the party as well.


The rhythm of the music makes the writer’s creativity more powerful and conceivable. The meaning is that when the music enters into the body through the ears, then it will first strike on the nervous system and then after on the whole body. In addition, it will make the nervous system more active and volatile as well. Moreover, you have to remember that the different kinds of the music will have the different effects on the writer’s mind. If you listen the pop music, then your mind will begin to concentrate on the fiction writing.

Again, if you listen the instrumental music during your writing session, then your mind will be directed towards non-fiction writing. Even, it is observed that every music pattern indicates the different writing genre as well. The reason is that the frequency level of the music strings will be different and identical. Therefore, the effects of music on the writer’s mind will be quite different from the others as well. If you like to write on the computer subject, then you can listen the classical music, which will give you the ultimate source of imagination as well.


You should know that the music always hits on the brain nervous system in such a way that it can create a spark in the mind of the writer. Actually, music works in the frontal lobe of our brain in the deeper mode. Therefore, that imagination and creativity can works ceaselessly without any break. The reason is that if the break happens during the creative process of writing, then the rhythm of writing will be lost. Here, the music binds together all.


Cognition is another state of expression. The reason is that if it does not happen there, then the expression will not be made. Moreover, the writer will face the difficulties in such a way that the writer will not able to characterize the main elements in the article as well.

Therefore, music will help the writer to fulfill his or her dream in such a way that the writer can give his or her full potential to the society as well.

About the Author: Diana Maria is a freelance journalist who has been writing about mobile technology, customer relationship management and women’s health for more than a decade. These days she is busy to contributes on software development

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  • I absolutely agree with this one. When I’m writing in the wee hours of the morning, I always listen to soundscapes and composers like David Darling, Hans Zimmer or Michael Hoppe. And when I’m blogging or trying to find strength within my writing, I love listening to Florence and the Machine or 30 Seconds to Mars; anything inspiring as such.

    Music has the ability to tingle the creativeness our minds long for so I’m always wrapping my thoughts around music and writing! Great post.

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