Amazing Facts Why You Will Quit Blogging

November 18, 2013

I would like to welcome back Diana Maria back to the backwoods! She will be sharing some thoughts about what could make someone quit blogging. Interesting stuff. Enjoy!

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Though blogging has become new fad of the day with so many people having their blogs but there are very little amount of people who sustain in this journey for long. Hence if you see hordes of people blogging today but soon there are only handfuls of them who are seen genuinely carrying out the same.  At the same time you have many people who quit blogging for some very strange and weird reasons. In fact, you can find certain amazing and interesting facts, which compel these people to quit blogging. Let’s check some of these interesting and amazing facts by which people are seen quitting blogging as under:

You often feel very much lethargic

Blogging requires loads of time for things like research, study and reading loads of stuff to bring out some of the best posts for your readers. Seasoned bloggers leave no stone unturned to bring out some of the best content of their readers, which can keep them together for long.  However, if you are among the lame people, you would never come out from your comfort zone. In other words, if you feel lethargic all the time then forget about investing loads of time and efforts in things like reading a number of stuff in the chosen niche and research work. Laziness and serious blogging are two opposite poles, which will always allow you to quit this path. So one of the basic and interesting facts about quitting blogging is comes through your lethargy.

You are always in Blogger’s Block

What is this Blogger’s block? It is that juncture when you fail to come out from any idea of what you should write. You simply lose the capability to work over your blog or just stop producing good content. If you often remain in the blogger’s block, you would end up struggling hard to find out new ideas and would always fail to know the things you are supposed to write in your blog. At such junctures, you have all the darker sides calling you to quit blogging. In this way, you have another interesting and amazing kind of fact for you that compel you to quit blogging.

Carrying out multitasking and moving in a wrong direction

Multitasking simply reduces the productivity, it’s a universal fact. Hence if the blogger is seen involved in it, he or she is likely to lose the efficiency level. Blogging is a serious job; you are not supposed to carry out a number of other things while carrying out this job. Hence if you are seen chatting with your friends over social networking sites like Facebook or Google Plus while carrying out your routine task of blogging, you are bound to hamper the productivity and quality of your blog along with moving in a wrong direction. This at the end would give enough reason to quit your blogging efforts as sooner or later you would hardly have any reader left over your blog.

Final word

There are many people who are seen blogging with new zeal but soon they give up. Sometime such people have genuine reasons to do so, while in other cases, you could see a certain amazing and interesting reasons of doing so. Some of such facts are indicated as above, are you among these people?

Diana Maria is a freelance journalist who has been writing about mobile technology, customer relationship management and women’s health for more than a decade. These days she is busy to contributes on seomorpheus

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