Guest Post: How Reading and Writing are Related to Each Other by Sophia John

March 3, 2014

I would like to welcome Sophia John to the backwoods! She will share some thoughts about how reading and writing are related to one another. Enjoy!

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There were times when reading and writing were taught separately. Over the last decade research has shown that reading and writing are largely interdependent. An interesting comparison says the relationship between reading and writing is like the relationship between chicken and egg. Which comes first is indeed an intriguing question.

The Relationship between Reading and Writing: Reading influences writing and writing influences reading. Both should harmoniously co-exist for the successful academic development of all. Reading instruction becomes for fruitful when coupled with writing instruction for students. It is said that writing once is equal to reading something ten times. This clearly indicates the importance writing has in our lives. The fact that children who read extensively become better writers is proved by researchers.

By wide reading children get to understand different genres, styles of writing, text structures etc. One of the basic reasons why we read is to learn. During school days most of what we know comes from what we read, most of those books would be our textbooks in school. We should have knowledge or information in mind before we venture to write. Writing is the conversion of phoneme into grapheme which means speech sounds are realized as some other forms used for writing, which are graphemes. Writing practices help young children to nurture their reading skills. Phonemic awareness increases when children read and try to write new words. Phonic skills also develop by which children are able to link sounds together to construct more words.

Parents and teachers should introduce reading and writing habits in children quite early in life. Teachers would have to find out a level to begin the courses of literacy development. Literacy development is a vast area where what exactly one has to do needs to be chosen quite carefully. Parents and teachers should at the first place study some genres and then teach them to children. Short pieces of writing could be given to children to read and comprehend. Practicing exercises on those writing would develop their writing skills to a great extent.

The two prerequisites for reading are phonemic awareness and phonic skills. One has to understand the connection between sounds and letters to be able to read. Children should be guided to consult dictionaries whenever they come across unfamiliar words. This helps them to build a good vocabulary and comprehend what they read. Parents and teachers should educate the young learners on reading and writing skills which always complement each other.

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