Been Abused by Copyright Trolls? A Couple Places that Need to Hear the Public Outcry

January 19, 2016
© is the copyright symbol in a copyright notice

© is the copyright symbol in a copyright notice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When joining ELI, I have stumbed across some recent threads and topics that I found interesting to share. This post will be brief.

Copyright Week 2016 by EFF

EFF will be doing a series about copyright law starting today (Jan 19)-Jan 22, but this year is different–they will be talking more about the trolling issues. I may link to these once they come up. Go by there yourself if you wish!

Section 512 Study and Request for Public Comment

For the original ELI thread click here (which could always have future comments).

To view the page in question to leave a comment click here. The trolling companies are already commenting (since this was found in a troll Twitter Stream) so they can sway the law in their favor, which by the way, will be catastrophic. Say goodbye to creative innovation, expression, and use of intellectual property in safety without artists and users all being abused by these Goliath companies.

Need reasons why? If you have a story or read the prior posts to get you started.

This is HUGE. This is crucial. Fight for your rights or else they will be taken away by huge money-hungry conglomerates who don’t give a rat’s ass about your or any artist’s rights.

This abuse has been going on more than a decade unhindered. It’s past time that these bullies be knocked down a peg of five just like the debt collectors did and their unfair practices. Has reckoning finally come?

Let’s hope so.


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