Guest Posts, Reviews, & More

Due to the changes in my career and requests for tours and guest posts, here are the guidelines for the aforementioned items so that they stick to my brand as a writer/blogger and myself as a reader.

**Please edit your posts before submitting! I am a full time writer and a blogger, so I don’t have time to edit your posts. If posts are unedited they are subject to rejection or will be posted as is. I will not be responsible for unedited posts.

**When sending in HTML code for posts, please be sure to eliminate all the spaces between characters. I have received a couple guest posts where I had to eliminate these spaces before I could read the post for approval or format it. I won’t be doing that anymore and posts will be rejected.

**Please format your post the way you want it to appear. All guest posts will be posted “as received”. I don’t have time to format or guess how your post is supposed to look. Formatting your post ahead of time in word or HTML will do the job.

**Editorial Policy: Any guest posts will be reviewed to make certain that it is a match to the branding of the blog. I am also reviewing for writing quality, and I will be checking for correct grammar and punctuation and readability. If the post doesn’t meet basic rules for basic writing skills, then I will reject the post.

Guest Posts:

Guest posts will be centered around the the following:

  • Backwood/country life
  • Authorship
  • Writing for children, MG, and YA
  • Writing
  • Sci-fi, fantasy,  thriller, horror, paranormal and their elements
  • Native American culture
  • Animals
  • Science and Technology (backwood or hightech)
  • Beekeeping
  • Bullying and other teen/child issues
  • What shapes us as writers/experiences
  • Humor
  • Imagination
  • Teen/child writers
  • Illustrating
  • Art
  • Music
  • Self teaching

No advertising pages or links for random merchants will be embedded in the posts. Example: Guest post about writing in the Bahamas and a cruise-line embedding a link in the post.

Please include a BRIEF “About the Author Section with the post with links you want included.

Book Features/Blog Tours:

  • I will  center my submissions for blog tours and book features around books that I enjoy reading as a reader.
  • For Publishing and Book Marketing guest posts please visit for guidelines and posts!
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  • Children, MG, and YA books Note: Please no depressing or “Oh woe-is-me” or “how much life sucks from beginning to end” books for these age groups. Going on an adventure or turning life around for the better out of a bad situation is great!
  • Paranormal books
  • Thrillers, but not psychological thrillers
  • Action Adventure
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction-any subgenre
  • Fantasy-any subgenre
  • Mythology and Legends
  • No romance or erotica
  • No literary fiction
  • Native American fiction


  • Humor
  • Science in any field (Political science is not science BTW)
  • Beekeeping
  • How-to
  • Nature
  • Wilderness and Wildlife
  • Some history and cultures (especially Native American)
  • Please no  books on politics or controversial religious books
  • Some books on religion
  • Survival skills
  • Weapons and Armor
  • Ancient/medieval culture
  • Gaming (video/computer games)
  • Art
  • Music